Our wines


Château PERRON​

Château PERRON is the perfect representative of a wine from the LALANDE-DE-POMEROL appellation, it steadfastly respects the grape variety of our property. A predominantly black Merlot, it benefits from a beautiful roundness, smooth, with aromas of black fruits such as black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant.

The principle of drinkability and freshness in this wine gives it a character very suitable for any tasting moment.

Château La CROIX

Chateau La CROIX is the new born of the property with the first vintage of 2018. It is very similar to Chateau PERRON because it benefits from the same attention, as well as the same production objectives.

Château PERRON La FLeur

Chateau PERRON La Fleur is a selection of 100% Merlot from the oldest vines of the vineyard. Hand picked and aged in 50% new truncated wooden vats.

This wine is often denser than Chateau PERRON or Chateau La Croix. If it has a great ageing potential and will be appreciated when tasted alone or with a main course based on red meat.


Chateau PIERREFITTE is a selection made from the young vines of the vineyard. It is vinified and produced in the spirit of a very easily accessible wine that can go well with any type of meal. With a dominant Merlot, it will delight with its aromas of black fruit. The freshness of this one makes it very easy-drinkable.