A magnificent terroir

Un magnifique Terroir

We are committed to restoring in the wines of Château Perron all the excellence of our terroir, consisting essentially of gravelly and sandy-gravelly sandy soil, that guarantees the production of fine wines induced by silky tannins.

The term “lande” comes from Celtic “landa”: uncultivated, poor land where broom and heather grow. This difficult land is favorable for the vines which will produce few grapes but of high quality.

The difficulty is to respect this natural finess as much as possible during the vinification period by working the delicate tannins of grapes smoothness. This environmentally friendly production approach is just to thank the potential of our unique terroir.

This is why we are committed to environmental initiatives such as the ISO 14001 standard within the environmental management system, HVE3 standard and also organic conversion started in 2019.

The vineyard


Our commitments

ISO 14001 standard

To realize this desire and for international recognition, since 2013 we have been ISO 14001 certified as part of the Environmental Management System in Bordeaux region. Our approach is reflected in a rigorous and demanding policy with 4 main themes:

  • Promote preventive actions in the vineyard and in the cellar in order to limit pollution.
  • Recycle and sort all the waste related to our activity, control our water and energy consumption.
  • Protect biodiversity by preserving and maintaining wooded areas, hedges and ditches.
  • Implement procedures of awareness rising of our interventions with respect to our close environment, water points and neighborhood.


This Standard includes ownership in a progressive approach set up by the Grenelle de l’Environnement partners and defined in decree n ° 2011-694 of June 20, 2011, the High Environmental Value certification is built around 4 themes:

  • biodiversity
  • phytosanitary strategy
  • fertilization management
  • water resource management.

Advantages of HVE 3 certification

  • Improve our environmental performance by reducing the environmental impact
  • Promote our environmental commitment to our partners, service providers, distributors and consumers, strengthening their trust.
  • Set your own pace in environmental certification
  • Meet the environmental requirements of contractors and stakeholders
  • Involve all staff around a unifying project
  • Compare the evolution of our environmental impact from one year to the next one.

Organic conversion

Since the 2019, our vineyard is in organic conversion with the certifying organization Ecocert. This conversion to organic farming is an operation that takes time, energy and requires will ! This is the transition period between conventional agriculture and the moment when the farm can certify its products with the AB label. The conversion begins when the winemaker notifies his activity to a certifying organization and rigorously respects the principles of the European specifications for organic producing.


Security and Traceability

Chateau Perron equips its bottles with new technology

The Tesa VeoMark® provides advanced anti-counterfeiting protection as well as efficient traceability of our wines. It guarantees more security thanks to a clear and unique authentication per bottle, based on visible and hidden identification characteristics.
Advantages :

  • The holographic stamp guarantees you the origin of the wine and the place of production.
  • The QR-code allows you to obtain informations on the tasted wine and on the life of our estate.


  • Scan with your smartphone
  • Enter the codes
    Check the ID code (written vertically to the right of the QR-code) on the VeoMark®. Validate the authentication code.
  • Compare
    Compare the Tesa Veomark on the bottle with the one that appears on your smartphone screen. The 2 must be absolutely identical.


In case of non-compliance, you can contact the estate.
The QR-code allows you to enter on a web interface to integrate the web environments of our property, the technical sheets, the various events, the tasting notes, the social network interfaces, etc …